Environmental and Social

Indo Mines is committed to environmental sustainability and will strive to maintain, and continually improve its environmental management practices.

In relation to the Jogjakarta Iron Sands Project, Indo Mines contracted URS to complete an Initial Environmental and Social Scoping Study which identified no unmanageable community or environmental issues in relation to the development of the Project. URS indicated that there was potential for the land reclamation processes to see improved productivity of the mined out areas compared to the existing land form, and the proposed waste stream management would assist in minimising the Project's environmental impact.

A reflection of the company’s co-operation with its local partners, the Regional Government and the local communities was rewarded when they received their final Environmental Impact Assessment approval (known as AMDAL) in relation to the project in January 2012.

Indo Mines is dedicated to upholding its environmental policies and meeting all their responsibilities.