Indo Mines and its local partner in Indonesia have spent a number of years working with the local communities. The mine is expected to impact approximately 200 ha of the 3000 ha property per year, on site processing of the iron sands will only extract about 6-8% of the total sand mass - the rest of the material is returned to the beach for reclamation and rehabilitation. The Company has legal agreements in place committing them to providing support before, during and after mining guaranteeing that the farmers will not be adversely affected by mining. Indo Mines has commenced a project in conjunction with a local University in Jogjakarta to develop more cost effective and productive cropping solutions on the rehabilitated mine areas, as well as creating arable farming land from the 1500 hectares of barren sand dunes within the Project site.

Indo Mines will be continually working with the community to provide constant information, support, training and employment opportunities throughout the duration of the project to ensure we leave behind a positive imprint in the social and economic conditions for the Indonesian people.