The Iron Sand Mining

22 February 2012

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Socialization of Coastal
Kedaulatan Rakyat

Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Kulonprogo named Budi Wibowo confirms Ministry of Energy (ESDM) will send delegates to meet the southern coastal residents to socialize the iron sand mining plan. According to Budi, socialization will focus on national interests rather than business interests.

"When I was consultation to central government in Jakarta to explain now, needs of domestic steel is increasing while the materials for making steel in Indonesia is still very limited and must be imported. With the exploitation of iron sand mining is expected that the national iron needs have be fulfilled, at least reduce the import,” he said on Tuesday, 21 February 2012.

Because of the urgency of requirement in the country, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) also urged mining company PT. Jogja Magasa Iron (JMI) immediate action to expedite to build construction and production. "Iron sand mine is very important for national interest. Both the national and economic security interests of the common people “said Budi.

Budi added the establishment of steel plants in Kulonprogo will greatly impact the local economy. For the interests, in the province tomorrow there will be a meeting involving the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Provincial Government (Pemprof) of Yogyakarta and District Government (Pemkab) of Kulonprogo to discuss plans of establishment the steel industry in Kulonprogo.

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