Welcome to Indo Mines Limited

Indo Mines Limited (ASX:IDO) is an Indonesian-focused mining and metals company committed to developing and unlocking the potential of iron sand mineral assets to establish itself as a low cost domestic iron manufacturer and becoming the supplier of choice to the growing Indonesian and Asian Steel and Metals Industry.

In January 2016 Indo Mines announced that it had acquired a 51% stake in Sapex Oil Tools Limited ('Sapex'). Sapex is an established regional provider of the world’s leading composite mat system, which is designed for use in remote and challenging terrain-access locations. Sapex holds the license to distribute the world’s leading composite mat system within Indonesia, technical services capability, in-house developed downhole tools and three existing sub-contracts to provide services. For more information see www.sapexservices.com.  

The Company’s major shareholders consist of the Rajawali Group, a large Indonesian group with diverse interests, and Rockcheck Steel Group Co., Ltd, one of China’s largest privately owned iron and steel producers.